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The Sangheras

Sanghera ( pronounce as san'gae'rhaa ) is a panjaabi / indian surname.


There are also sangheras from other places/villages, maybe countries. But the most of them i know or them i heard about, belongs to village Bilga (the biggest village of Punjab), which is situated in the Jallandhar district of Punjab in north India.



But since i made a website of Sanghera's, i got a lot of mails from "The Sangheras" living worlwide. You can read  some of mails in section "Guestbook" & they wrote, "there are other villages belong to Sanghera families except Bilga.



So therefor i made a list over all of the villages included Bilga. And they are : -


   Village   District   State 
  1  Bilga   Jalandhar   Panjaab 
  2  Paasla   Jalandhar   Panjaab 
  3  Pharwaala   Jalandhar   Panjaab 
  4  Sareenh   Jalandhar   Panjaab 
  5  Gudhaan Gaheeraan   Jalandhar   Panjaab 
  6  Jalota   Hoshiarpur   Panjaab 
  7  Sanghera   Ludhiaana (Raikot)   Panjaab 
  8  Bhushkar   Ludhiaana (Jagraon)   Panjaab 
  9  Talwandi Sanghera  Jalandhar (Nakodar)  Panjaab 
 10  Sadikpur  Jalandhar (Shahkot)  Panjaab 









I also add the some names & family names under section "The Sangheras". If you can help me or want to add your family's name, so please send me the information of families from your village. You can send me information by E-mail .



I also make a forum, where u may share ur opinions with other Sangheras around the world. I make a special section for each pindd(village).



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